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1.Games are two 16-minute halves with stop time and two 14-minutes halves stop time for 3rd- 6th grades. 2. Pre-game warm-up will be limited to 5 minutes (unless extended by tournament official). Halftime will be 3 minutes and overtime will be 2 minutes. 3. If a court is running behind, it may be necessary to shorten warm-up or halftime. 4. No grace period, game time is forfeit time. However, the Tournament Director has the authority to override any problems related to the forfeit rule. 5. Each team is required to have a person to sit at the scorer’s table to keep your team’s score. IQ Sports Performance and Training will provide a score book for each team. Use ONLY IQ Sports Performance and Training score book. A third person will be added to the score table from the IQ Sports Performance and Training organization to run score clock, moderate and collect the final scores from the teams. 6. Each team gets two full timeouts per half no carryover. Overtime includes 1 additional full timeout. Maximum two 2-minutes overtimes during regular play, second overtime Sudden Death. Playoff games will not include Sudden Death overtime. 7. Any player or coach receiving 2 technical fouls is excused from the game and will not play/coach in the next game. Any player or coach ejected for fighting will be excused from the tournament. 8. Each team Must clean their bench area after each game. IQ Sports Performance and Training HAS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY IN REFERENCE TO FIGHTING AND ACTS OF VIOLENCE. ANY PLAYER OR TEAM PERSONNEL COMMITTING AN ACT OF VIOLENCE OR RECEIVING A TECHNICAL FOUL FOR FIGHTING WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE GAME AND DISQUALIFIED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TOURNAMENT. EJECTED PLAYERS/TEAM PERSONNEL WILL BE REQUIRED TO IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE TOURNAMENT VENUE AND, IF CIRCUMSTANCES WARRANT, WILL BE REMANDED TO LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES. ANY PLAYER/TEAM PERSONNEL EJECTED UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM ALL TOURNAMENT VENUES AND FROM PARTICIPATION IN ANY FUTURE IQ Sports Performance and Training EVENTS. FURTHER, AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS, A SINGLE ACT OF VIOLENCE COMMITTED BY AN INDIVIDUAL PLAYER OR TEAM PERSONNEL MEMBER MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION AND DISMISSAL OF THE ENTIRE TEAM FROM ANY FURTHER COMPETITION IN THE CURRENT IQ Sports Performance and Training AND/OR ANY FUTURE IQ Sports Performance and Training EVENTS. 9. Foul Out, six(6) personal fouls per player per game . 10. One and one bonus on the 10th team foul, 2 shot bonus on the 13th team foul. 11.Mercy Rule (4th-6th Grades). If a team is winning by more than 20 points or more at anytime during the game, the game clock will continue to run until the lead is 19 points or less (No Stop Clock, except for timeouts). However, if the lead is increased to 30 points or more points, the leading team CAN NOT full or half court press and must play a zone defense behind the 3 point line. Once the lead is 29 points or less, the leading team can resume full and half court pressure. 12. Mercy Rule 7th -12th Grades): If a team is winning by more than 20 points at anytime during the game,the game clock will continue to run until the lead is 19 or less (No Stop Clock, except for timeouts). 13. A player must play in at least one (1) scheduled pool game to be eligible for a playoff game or championship game. 14. A player is allowed to play on multiple teams in different age divisions, only for the same organization as his/her current team. That’s assuming the age and grade of player meets the eligibility requirements. 15. All team must bring eligibility document for each player on the team. If you are challenged regarding the eligibility of a player, you must produce a birth certificate, current school report card or Student ID with picture birth date and grade prior to next game. If you can’ t produce any of the documents listed, all games played with the ineligible will result in a forfeit. 16. Protest fee is $100.00 Cash. If you win the protest the cash will be returned, however, if you lose your protest the money is a donation to the tournament host organization. TIE BREAKERS Any ties after the pool play will be broken using head-to-head winner. In the case of no head-to-head game or ANY three or more way ties, the following tie-breaking methods will be used: a. Score differential up to a maximum of 15 points per game. b. Least points allowed. All forfeits will be given a differential of 5 points and will NOT be used in calculation of least points allowed.