mission statement: 

IQ Sports Performance & Training (IQ Sports) is dedicated to developing Basketball Players of all skill levels. Our intense individual and group sessions are constructed to improve an individual’s ability to reach their full potential, through a combination of high-intensity sports performance training and elite basketball-specific skill development.

IQ Sports is determined to building self- confidence while, increasing one’s mental, social and physical reactions to a series of intense training methods. In addition, IQ Sports encourages players to maintain the highest level of excellence not only in their ability to perform athletically, but also academically. 

Lastly, IQ Sports is dedicated to prompting the importance of Nutrition and Wellness which are characteristics of good health. IQ Sports participants will be challenged to demand more of themselves and have the understanding that 'HARD WORK BEATS TALENT IF TALENT NEVER WORKS." Our coaches are dedicated to teaching players good sportsmanship and teamwork. They support players in learning positive work ethic that will lead them toward future life successes. 



Location: 328 West Coulter Street
Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club

Monday - 6pm-7pm

Wednesday - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - 6pm-7:30pm